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Danya Vasquez David is a picture book writer, educator, and mom to three, living in Vancouver, B.C. She is passionate about a place called Story, where kids can run to, test out their powers, feel their fears, fuel their dreams, then return home braver and bolder than before.

She writes all kinds of stories- from non-fiction testaments about families fleeing war, to wistful portrayals of daydreaming dogs and playful jaunts with menacing raccoons. 


Nothing makes her feel more alive than the act of writing.


Danya has taught children in elementary grades and worked in curriculum development and teaching at the university level.  She has a BA in Literature and Cultural Studies from McGill, a BEd from University of Toronto, and an MA in Children’s Literature from University of British Columbia.  You can find some of her research on spirituality and survival in graphic novels and brilliant female protagonists here and here


Danya was a reviewer for CM: Canadian Materials and currently co-serves as Picture Book Writers community facilitator at Inked Voices.  She is a member of SCBWI and 12x12 and has honed her craft through Children’s Book Academy, The Writing Barn, and more.

In other lifetimes, Danya was a competitive swimmer, an advocate for at-risk youth, and a music radio show host.  She loves dogs, running, and the color turquoise.

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